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2012 Schedule & Results

Day Date StartTime Location Type Name Racing? Results Comments
Wed May 9 7PM Bay JAM Brier Patch Series #1 of 3 Y 5th W/L 10-15 kts.  Had a bad start, but made up some time by sailing pretty well.
Wed May 16 7PM Bay JAM Brier Patch Series #2 of 3 Y 3rd Long Triangle 10-15 kts.  Made sure we got a good start this time.
Sun May 20 10AM Bay SPIN Brier Patch Series 1 & 2 (2 races) Y 5th & 3rd  2 Light-Air SPIN races – one with Light-to-No air!
Wed May 23 7PM Bay JAM Brier Patch Series #3 of 3 Y  N/A No wind — no race.  Will not be rescheduled.
Sun May 27 9AM LH/Lake SPIN Lighthouse Race (Brier
Patch 3) — 16 miles
Y DNF Oops!  Ran aground at Gull Point — had to retire after we extricated ourselves.
Wed May 30 7PM Bay SPIN Spring Series #1 Y  5th W/L 2x around.  Corrected over a few A-Fleet boats despite the dying air.
Sun June 3 10AM Bay SPIN Spring Series #2 and #3 of 3 Y 8th & DNS Race 1 breezy W/L 2x around.  Just went Wing ‘n Wing, didn’t fly the chute.  The breeze freshened for race 2 but we didn’t stick around.
Wed June 6 7PM Bay JAM Summer #1 of 3 N  N/A In Chicago for a conference.
Sun June10 10AM Bay JAM Summer #2 & #3 of 3 Y 3rd & DNF A light-air day with 2 W/L 2x around races.  Dropped out of the 2nd race to sail downwind and test the new spinnaker.
Wed June 13 7PM Bay JAM Regatta De La Femmes Y 9th Winds NNW 4kts.  Long triangle.  Dying air.
Sun June 17 10AM Lake SPIN Summer Sizzler Series #1 of 3 Y 3rd  Winds S 15-20kts.  WLWLW.  We flew both chutes and sailed well in the puffy and swirly breeze.
Wed June 20 7PM Bay JAM Blake Family Heatwave #1 of 3 Y 5th Winds W 3-5kts.  W/L JAM race.  A very slow night, we ended in the middle of the fleet.
Sat June 23 TBA Lake SPIN Interclub –Erie Course Race Y  7th Started in next-to-no air.  1 upwind leg and then shortened after one reaching leg.
Sun June 24 TBA Lake SPIN Interclub –Erie to Port Dover, ON Y 5th Our favorite Reach-Run-Reach style race.  Great day, but we were slowed down for about a quarter of the race by balloons on our rudder (see posting about this race)
Mon June 25 TBA Lake SPIN Interclub — Long Point Bay Race Y 7th (DNF) Extremely long complex course in 20-25 knots of breeze. We weren’t going to make the time limit so we had to withdraw on the last leg.
Tue Jun 26 TBA Lake SPIN Interclub — Dover to Port Colbourne Y  6th 40 miles of reaching — another of our favorite races.  Watch for holes, though.
Wed Jun 27 TBA Lake SPIN Interclub — Port Colbourne to Point Abino Y 4th 20-mile W/L in decent breeze.  Flew the A-sail wing-n-wing on the first leg and missed 3rd place by 14 seconds.  Great finish to the series.
Interclub series finish 5th in Fleet out of 13 and 32nd of 58 in the Overalls.
Sun July 1 11AM Bay JAM Blake Family Heatwave #2 of 3 Y 2nd  Light-air W/L 2x around.  Got a good start and sailed well, upwind and down.
Sun July 8 10AM Lake JAM Blake Family Heatwave #3 of 3 and Hertel & Brown Aquatherapy #1 of 3 Y 5th and DNS Light-air W/L 2x around on the Lake in lumpy conditions.  Did not do the second race of the day.
Wed July 11 7PM Bay JAM/SPIN Make-up Date N  N/A No Make-up, so we helped Mark raise the mast on Anam Cara, then we cruised a little bit.
Sun July 15 10AM Bay SPIN Urbaniak Brothers Summer Series #2 of 3 and #3 of 3 Y  4th & 7th 2 W/L 2x around.  Race 1 in 12-15 kts of breeze — a good start, and we sailed well.  Race 2 in 8-10 kts — not a good start and a couple chute issues.
Wed July 18 7PM Bay JAM Hertel & Brown Aquatherapy#2 of 3 Y DNF Long W/L JAM race in extremely light air.  We withdrew after rounding the windward mark.  The GPS said we weren’t going to make it in the time limit.
Wed July 25 7PM Bay JAM Hertel & Brown Aquatherapy#3 of 3 Y 10th A triangle that turned into a Windward/Reach/Windward/Windward race — long story.  Doing well until the last leg.  Seaweed?
Wed Aug 8 7PM Bay JAM RCR Yachts Full Moon #1 of 3 Y 6th  A light air triangle.  A beautiful night, and we sailed well.  Plus we made a very good tack near the end and tacked into the proper windshift.  Nice!
Sat Aug 11 7AM Lake SPIN Coletech Marine Hardware Koehler Cup — Erie to Ashtabula N N/A 25+ knot winds on the nose for 36 miles.  Decided against going!
Sun Aug 12 8AM Lake SPIN Coletech Marine Hardware Koehler Cup– Ashtabula to Erie N N/A If you didn’t do the first leg you couldn’t do the 2nd leg… 😉
Wed Aug 15 7PM Bay JAM RCR Yachts Full Moon #2 of 3 Y 7th Another light air triangle.  Not the best start.  Very good first reaching leg, blanketed on the downwind leg because of the reverse start.  Then just couldn’t find the steering groove on the last leg.
Sun Aug 19 10AM Bay SPIN Governor’s Cup & Mayor’s Cup Y N/A No wind.  No races.  Just rafted up and waited.  Still no wind…
Wed Aug 22 7PM Bay JAM RCR Yachts Full Moon #3 of3 Y DNF Wind died.  Time expired.  Most in our fleet didn’t make the time limit.
Sun Aug 26 1PM Bay JAM/SPIN American Red Cross CharityRegatta Y  6th A triangle in WSW 10-15 knots of breeze.  Very puffy.  We should have done better.
Wed Aug 29 7PM Bay JAM Schuyler Family Sunset #1of 3 Y 10th Another extremely light-to-no-air night, but at least we finished.
Fri Aug 31 730PM Bay/Lake SPIN Night Lighthouse Race Y DNS Too much wind for a night race.  The start was delayed, waiting for the wind to die down.  We ultimately decided not to go.
Wed Sep 12 630PM Bay JAM Schuyler Family Sunset #2of 3 Y DNF Wind died for good during race.  In fact, no one finished — not even the fast boats in the A Fleet.
Sat Sep 15 7AM Lake SPIN Bluff Bar Race N N/A Crewed on Double Diamond instead of sailing Red Herring.  We came in fourth.
Wed Sep 19 630PM Bay JAM Eckerd Cup #1 of 1 Y N/A No wind — No race.
Sun Sep 23 10AM Bay SPIN Eckerd Cup #2 & #3 of 3 Y 4th & DNS Race #1 was a breezy W/L 2x.  We were a little shorthanded so we sailed on white sails and tied for 4th.  The wind kept building and we didn’t stick around for race 2.
Wed Sep 26 630PM Bay JAM Schuyler Family Sunset #3of 3 Y 10th Long W/L in 8-10kts of breeze.  We were all close downwind, then we dropped about 3 minutes on the upwind leg.  We sailed the long leg on the north side of the course.  Probably wrong side.
Sun Sep 30 10AM Bay JAM/SPIN Eckerd Cup #1 (make-up) + Thomas Carole Reverse Handicap Y 7th & 6th The first race was W/L 2x in 8-10kts. We sailed well, and beat NEWS for the first time season.  The breeze freshened for the second race.  We had a couple chute issues, but still beat Pagan for the first time this season.  All in all, a nice end to the season!
Sun Oct 7 12Noon Bay JAM/SPIN Great Chili Race Off N N/A We’ll be pulling the mast before that to make some repairs.
Sat Nov 3 EYC Racing Fleet Banquet

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