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2013 Schedule and Results

Day Date Start Time Location Type Name Racing? Results Comments
Wed May 8 7PM LH JAM Brier Patch Series #1 of 3 Y DNS No Race — Postponed.  See makeup date:  7/7/2013
Wed May 15 7PM LH JAM Brier Patch Series #2 of 3 Y 3rd It blew 25 all day and then subsided to 10-15 by the start of the race.  W/L to R14 and back.  Beautiful night, and we sailed well.  Nice to be back on the water.
Sun May 19 10AM Bay SPIN Brier Patch Series 1 & 2 (2 races) Y  4th & 5th Two light-air spinnaker races.  Due to wind shifts the second race was a reach-reach race!  We sailed very well, beating several fast boats, and very close to the leaders in corrected times.
Wed May 22 7PM LF JAM Brier Patch Series #3 of 3 Y 6th A dying-air triangle.  Winds just too light.  Not our night.
Sun May 26 9AM LH/Lake SPIN Lighthouse Race (Brier
Patch 3) — 14.4 miles
Y 6th The winds stayed mainly light through the race, and the lake was little lumpy from the the day before, so the upwind legs were slow for us.
Wed May 29 7PM Bay SPIN Venture Fasteners Spring Series #1 Y 5th 1.5nm W/L 2x in about 12-14 kts of breeze.  It was a beautiful night for sailing, and we sailed well.
Sun June 2 10AM Bay SPIN Venture Fasteners Spring Series #2 and #3 of 3 N DNC 20-30 kts of breeze.  Too breezy.  We chose to stay on land.  The second race was cancelled anyway and will be made up in July.  See 7/10/2013 for makeup results.
Wed June 5 7PM LH JAM Hilbrich Electric Summer #1 of 3 N DNC 20+ again.  And again we decided to stay in port.
Sun June 9 10AM Bay JAM Hilbrich Electric Summer #2 & #3 of 3 Y 4th & 4th A beautiful day for sailing, and a light air crew.  We sailed well in both races.
Wed June 12 7PM Bay JAM Regatta De La Femmes #1 Y DNF Our crew, helmed by Kim, started but no one finished.  The winds died after they rounded the first mark, and the time limit expired on everyone.
Sun June 16 10AM Lake SPIN Gerry’s 8th Street Deli Summer Sizzler Series #1 &2 of 5 AND Gilmore Cup #1 & 2 of 3 Y DNC  First the races were moved to the bay due to high winds (25+).  Then the racing was cancelled (which is good, because we were ducking them anyway).
Wed June 19 7PM Bay JAM Blake Family Heatwave #1 of 3 Y 6th A beautiful night for sailing.  ENE @10.  Our class did a nice short triangle.  It’s a very competitive fleet, so once again our place doesn’t indicate how well we sailed.
Sat June 22 TBA Lake SPIN Interclub –Erie to Port Dover, ON Y 4th Recap soon.
Sun June 23 TBA Lake SPIN Interclub — Long Point Bay Race Y  4th Recap soon.
Mon June 24 TBA Lake SPIN Interclub — Dover to Port Colborne Y 4th Recap soon.
Tue June 25 TBA Lake SPIN Interclub — Port Colborne to Buffalo Y 7th Recap soon.
Wed June 26 TBA Lake SPIN Interclub — Buffalo Triangle Y  1st The perfect race for us:  Upwind, Close Reach, Spinnaker Reach, Broad Spinnaker Reach in 10-12 knots of breeze.  Plus, our strategy turned out to be correct.  Very satisfying fleet win.
Interclub series finish 3rd in Fleet out of 9 and 26th of 52 in the Overalls.
Sun June 30 10AM Lake JAM Blake Family Heatwave #2 and #3 of 3 N DNS We didn’t race.  We had already done a lot of lake racing in the past week.
Sun July 7 10AM Bay JAM Brier Patch #1 of 3 (makeup) and Hertel & Brown Aquatherapy #1 of 3 Y 3rd and 3rd Two W/L 2x around races in 12 knots of breeze.  We sailed very well, though our second start was challenged when we were a little early and got stuck between two boats.  But we made up for it on the 2nd leg.
Wed July 10 7PM Bay SPIN Venture Fasteners #3 of 3 (makeup) Y Cancelled No Race.  Big storm blew through right before the race.  So the makeup may have to be made up.
Fri July 12 7PM Bay JAM Regatta De La Femmes #2 N DNC Our crew were busy that night.
Sun July 14 10AM Bay SPIN Gerry’s Deli Summer #3, #4, #5 and Gilmore Cup #3 of 3 Y 4th, 4th, 3rd This was a “Regatta Day,” a full series in one day.  Three relatively short W/L 2x around races.  We sailed well in all three races and were very happy with the results.
Wed July 17 7PM Bay JAM Hertel & Brown Aquatherapy #2 of 3 Y 1st A beautiful night for sailing, a decent breeze, a short triangle course, and our full crew.  Everything came together and we sailed very well!  Nice feeling.
Fri July 19 730PM Bay/Lake SPIN Night Lighthouse Race N DNC A lot of wind for a night race (18-25) plus thunderstorms in the area.  Decided not to sail.
Wed July 24 7PM Bay JAM Hertel & Brown Aquatherapy #2 of 3 Y
The rest of the schedule will be inserted when I get a chance.

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