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2012 Countdown Started

Posted by AJ Miceli on December 29, 2011

So, maybe you noticed that the last posting to this blog was on my birthday (July 18, 2011).  I’m really sorry ’bout that!

Once again I must declare this blog NOT DEAD.  However, it has become derelict.  My life is surprisingly busy and full (for such an old guy).  And once again I must promise to be a more responsible blogger in the future.

Just to let you know, we finished the season with two 2nd places (two red flags — our favorite color).

As part of my New Year’s resolution, I’ve restarted the Countdown-to-Splash timer.   Click on the tab above that says “Countdown to Splash.” Once you click on the link you can then bookmark the link and go directly to it in the future, or you can continue to visit this blog.

Happy New Year!


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