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Posted by AJ Miceli on October 25, 2008

It’s gotten breezy and cold, but Red Herring is now ready for some cold nights.  I winterized the engine and water systems today, then I kept removing stuff from the boat.  Most of the cushions are off the boat, and about half the “stuff.”  Next weekend I’ll finish removing boat stuff, then the batteries will come off last.  But — this year I’m going to label all the battery parts so that I can put them back in the same order next spring.

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Best Birthday Present!

Posted by AJ Miceli on October 18, 2008

OK, it’s a little bit off-topic, but today I collected on my 60th birthday present, and I went flyiAJ, Wayne and a Cessnang in a Cessna 170.  Here’s a post-flight picture of me and the plane and my new BFF Wayne (the actual pilot).  It was way cool.  The winds were 10-15 from the NE, and the clouds broke up enough to make for a nice day — but it WAS chilly.  The flight was a lot smoother than I expected.  We flew at about 3500 feet, and I got to drive for about 15 minutes.  It was a day to remember for quite awhile.  And, of course, now I want to fly again someday!

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To Everything There Is A Season

Posted by AJ Miceli on October 16, 2008

Red Herring on its way to winter storageWell, we pulled the boat this morning, and Red Herring is safely on the hard in Bay Harbor West.  It turns out that I chose the only morning this week when it would be raining.  Luckily the rain slowed to a drizzle by about 7:45, just as we were moving the boat from Bay Harbor East to Bay Harbor West.  It was a beautiful afternoon yesterday as I was changing the oil, and I bet it will be a beautiful afternoon again today.  Oh, well.  Thanks so much to Andy who came out on this yucky morning to help move the boat over.  I really appreciate all the crew help all year.

Next up, winterizing and strip the boat.  Then I can call the Custom Covers people to put the cover on.  I’ll keep you informed.  Thanks again!

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Mainsail Taken Off

Posted by AJ Miceli on October 12, 2008

It’s been a busy weekend; but, after stacking a cord of wood, Sue and I went down to the boat and took the mainsail off and folded it nicely.  It’s safe in the back of my van with the spinnaker.  And, did I mention that I didn’t drop any battens overboard?  🙂

As a hedge, I left the jib on the boat, just in case we sail one more time before we pull the boat.  Unlikely, but you never know.

I’m hoping to get an appointment to pull the boat this Thursday.  I’ll let you know.

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End of Season Crew Pic

Posted by AJ Miceli on October 9, 2008

We had a very nice crew picnic last Sunday (10/5).  Before the eating started, Ben and I motored to the Yacht Club to fill up on diesel for the winter.  I hadn’t filled up since before the Interclub in June.  Since then the hour meter on the engine said that we’ve motored about 32 hours.  The gauge showed less than a quarter tank, but it only took 7 gallons to fill up — that’s about two-tenths of a gallon per hour — and a mere $27.  Considering that it just cost me $63 to fill up my car, I’ll consider that a win!

Dave, Judy, Steve (sitting), Ben, AJ, Andy, Kim

We got back just in time for the good food, great camaraderie, and the heart-healthy wine.  Thanks, Judy, for organizing this.  After dinner Steve, Mark and Judy Kubeja cranked me up the mast to take down the Windex and the Electronic Wind Transducer for the winter.

Steve sent this picture of the valiant crew of the Red Herring taken after the last race of the season.

Break is coming up next week and I’ll be pulling the boat.  More on that later.  Check back again.

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Successful end to the 2008 Season

Posted by AJ Miceli on October 1, 2008

Red Herring at the start of the Interclub series

Red Herring at the start of the Interclub series

As the 2008 season ends, we start a new online chapter for the Red Herring crew site. The old site will stay up (click on the “ABOUT” page for a link to the old site), but we’ll sail into the 21st century with this new blog. For the record, we finished 7th out of fifteen boats in the C Fleet Overall this year. We learned a lot more about this boat this year, and I’m sure we’ll do better next year.

I expect that this new technology will allow me to update the site more easily and more frequently. It will also allow for crew members to post insights and stories about our races. So for now: Gybe Ho!

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