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Venture Fasteners #1

Posted by AJ Miceli on May 30, 2014

Results: 7th in Fleet/12th Overall
Crew: Rosemary, Hunter, Mark, Andy, Judy, Andrea
Wind: ENE @ 20 knots
Course: W/L 2x

It was a breezy night, and it’s a good thing we had our heavy air crew with us. Because we had some extra weight onboard, and because the wind was right on the cusp of needing to reef, we sailed with a full main.

We had a good start in the middle of the line and sailed the first upwind leg well, seeing high 5s and 6s for upwind speeds. We stayed in the middle and on the left side of the course. There was a little less wind on the right side. So I think we were well positioned. After rounding we set the fractional chute and tacked downwind with speeds in the high 6s and 7s. We dropped the chute and headed back upwind without incident.

The next upwind leg also went well and we were in reach of the fleet, and we had our time on Altair. As we looked back on the first downwind leg we thought maybe we could switch to the masthead runner for the last leg so we could sail a little deeper.

It turns out that we were a little overconfident. After we set the chute we discovered that the starboard sheet had been re-rigged wrongly, and it was wrapped around the lifeline. The friction made it nearly impossible to trim the chute. So while we dealt with that situation by jury-rigging the lazy sheet to be used, I drove distractedly and we really couldn’t trim properly. We gave up a few minutes on the leg due to greed (should have stayed with the fractional kite) and lack of watchfulness (check, check and triple check).

However, we finished fast and had a nice quick ride home. At least we beat Altair and we actually corrected to within 6 seconds of TAZ II (Beneteau 40). We’ll take that!

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The Annual Day Lighthouse Race

Posted by AJ Miceli on May 30, 2014

Results:  8th
Crew:  Mark, Rosemary, Andy

A beautiful, but light air, day.  The start of the race was delayed by a half hour, waiting for a consistent 3 knots of breeze.  We had a good start – we picked a nice spot and were at the line at the start.  We got the chute up efficiently and were able to reach down the bay.  When we hit the channel we were in touch with the fleet (a good place for us to be with our rating – in fact, if the race had ended at that point we would probably have won!).

At the channel the wind went behind us and we had to go deep.  At that point we switched to wing-n-wing with the chute, and that did the trick.  We were able to stay with the fleet through the channel for the first time in a long time.  Mark thinks that this was our best running course through the channel in a long time.  We were able to carry the wing-n-wing up to the first mark (G1).

We dropped the chute about a minute too early, but then we promptly sailed into a hole that lasted all the way to Gull Point.  Everyone struggled in the same way.  After Gull Point the new buoy (the upwind mark) was dead upwind and the winds continued light and shifty.  The fast boats pulled away.  At times we were sailing pretty fast, at other times we struggled.  About halfway to the mark, the port tack was highly favored (of course we were on starboard at the time) so we sailed backwards for a little while, and that’s when we give up a reasonable amount of time.

We sailed on and finally rounded the mark (though I was a little closer to it than I wanted).  We flew the chute again and headed to G1 – slow going but we sailed well enough.  After we rounded Gull Point we saw that people seemed to be finishing instead of sailing the second upwind leg so we sailed on a decent reach for R2.  And then the wind died a few hundred yards from R2 (Tigress was just sitting in the hole trying to find – and they didn’t actually finish).  Those marks are almost always in a hole.  That’s the area where there are several different land effects.  We finally dropped the chute and finished on a close reach.

All-in-all, it was tough and slow sailing, but we finished and did our best.

We also finished 4th in the Spinnaker B Fleet Overalls (mainly because we sailed all three races in the series).

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Brier Patch Series Continues

Posted by AJ Miceli on May 20, 2014

The Brier Patch JAM #2 was cancelled last Wednesday due to thunderstorms rolling through.

Brier Patch Spinnaker Series #1 and #2 last Sunday (May 18th)

2 Windward/Leeward 2x around races.  Wind:  W @ 8-10 kts

Crew:  Judy, Andy, Mark

Results 4th & 5th

It was a perfect day for sailing.  We had a bad start in the first race and then sailed well.  In the second race we had a very good start and were next to Tigress (J-70) after the first leg, and then (as Tracy as RCR Yachts is fond of saying) we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The crew can tell you the sad story when you see them, but I made a bad decision at the leeward mark and everything went to hell.  The chute went flying in the wrong direction and things turned ugly.

The incident happened right at the committee boat, so I think John Orlando may have documentary evidence that will provide some levity at our expense at the banquet.  However, no one was hurt and the chute didn’t actually shrimp – just a small hole near the tack.  We recovered and sailed on, but we gave away a bunch of time and ended last.

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Brier Patch Series — JAM Race #1

Posted by AJ Miceli on May 8, 2014

Windward/Leeward 1x around.  Wind 10-12 ENE.

CREW:  Judy, Kim, Andy, Mark, Rosemary, Andrea

Results:  5th

And the season has started.   A chilly East wind — we were all layered pretty well.

Our fleet had the most boats show up, it was a J-Boat night (four of ’em beat us), and we had three glitches.  First, we were a little bit off the line and in some traffic at the start.  Next, we went in to shore a little too deeply on one of the upwind tacks — there was more wind in the middle and left of the course.  Finally, we had do two tacks at the upwind mark because we just shy of the layline.  So, it’s not our best start to a season.

Other than that, things went generally well.  We were seeing 6s on the upwind leg most of the time, the trimming went pretty well, and we beat one boat.  And, did I mention we were sailing?  So, actually life is good!  Thanks to our crew for a good night of sailing — many more to come!

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Splash 2014

Posted by AJ Miceli on May 7, 2014


Red Herring launched on schedule on May 5.  First race tonight, May 7.  Gentlemen, Hoist Your Sails!

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Splash Countdown Started

Posted by AJ Miceli on December 30, 2013

This blog is NOT dead — it’s just “pining for the fjord.” (wink!)

I’m sorry that I stopped updated the results last July.  Somehow life just gets in the way of responsible blogging.

In any case, I’m still alive; and Red Herring is covered, on the the hard for the winter.

I have updated the countdown timer to Splash for 2014.  Click on the “Countdown” tab above to get to the countdown page and then click on the URL.

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Results Updated

Posted by AJ Miceli on July 23, 2013

I’ve updated the 2013 Schedule and Results page (click on the tab above).  Unfortunately I have not been keeping up the commentaries, but you can check the brief summaries on the sked page.

However, I should mention last Wednesday’s race.  It was the second race in the Hertel and Brown Series.

It was a beautiful night for sailing.  Breeze 10-12, a nice short triangle for our fleet, and our complete and full crew.  We had a good start, stayed in clear air and were second around the upwind mark in our fleet.  After that we sailed two reaching legs well, and were able to hold off the rest of the fleet.  Three boats finished ahead of us, but they all owed us enough time that we finished 1st by 4 seconds!  A very satisfying night, as you might guess.  We took a 3rd in the first race of this series, so we need to finish well in the next race to get a series flag.

Thanks to our full crew:  Judy, Mark, Andy, Rosemary, Kim.

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Interclub Overall

Posted by AJ Miceli on June 28, 2013

I’ll try to do a full recap of the Lake Erie Interclub series for this year.  Here’s the Spoiler.

Race 1:  4th

Race 2: 4th

Race 3: 4th

Race 4: 7th

Race 5: 1st

Overall finish:  3rd of 9 in fleet (good enough for hardware!!!

Overall All Fleets:  26th of 52 boats (top half!)

Crew:  Mike O’Neill, Kim Yamma, Rosemary Briggs, Mark Platteter, Judy Tucci



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Getting Ready For The Interclub

Posted by AJ Miceli on June 21, 2013

Last Wednesday was a beautiful JAM race in about 10 knots of breeze.  We sailed very well.  We got stuck in bad air after the start and were finally able to tack away.  Everyone else stayed on starboard for the long leg.  When we came together we were in front of about six other boats.  After that we lost a lost a little ground on the two reaches.  Lady Jane caught up with us on the broad reach leg and beat us by 14 seconds at the end.  Still, a beautiful night for sailing.

Crew:  Andy, Mark, Rosemary, Kim

Now we’re prepping and provisioning for the Interclub series to Canada and then Buffalo that starts tomorrow.  I’ll see what I can do to make limited postings during the trip.


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Four Recaps

Posted by AJ Miceli on June 16, 2013

Hilbrich Electric Summer #1 of 3

Results:  DNC

We were all at the boat, but the wind was blowing 20+ and we decided to stay in port and eat and drink.

Hilbrich Electric Summer #2 & #3 of 3

Results:  4th and 4th  Crew:  Mark, Andy

After two race days of too much, we finally got a sunny and moderate air day.  We had our “light air crew.”  Both races were W/L races.  The first race was in lighter air and we only did once around in the C Fleet.  By the second race the wind was building and we could do 2x around.  We sailed the upwind and downwind legs well in both races, and placed well.  We needed a day like that.

Regatta De La Femmes

Results:  DNF  Crew:  Kim, Rosemary, Judy

Unfortunately, a light-to-dying air night.  The course was a short triangle.  After rounding the first mark the wind died; the GPS said is was 5 hours to the next mark (0.7 nm away).  We hung it up about an hour-and-a-half in to the race and motored back.  All the others waited until the 2-hour time expired.  But no one finished.

Gerry’s 8th Street Deli Summer Sizzler Series #1 &2 of 5 AND Gilmore Cup #1 & 2 of 3

Results:  DNC

So, look at the title.  These were pretty important races, but they were scheduled for Father’s Day and on the Lake.  On Saturday, the prediction was for thunderstorms and winds 15-25, so I notified the crew that we wouldn’t be sailing.  Many were relieved so they could celebrate Father’s Day.  Before the race, the winds piped up to 25+.  The races were moved to the Bay.  We learned later that even the Bay was so bad that the committee boat had trouble anchoring, and ultimately both races were cancelled.  Looks like we made the right call here.


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