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Home Instead Senior Care Series #2

Posted by AJ Miceli on June 9, 2014

Results:  6th

Crew:  Andy, Kim, Mark, Rosemary, Hunter, Megan

Wind:  ENE 2-6

Course:  W/L 2x

It was a going to be a light air day no matter what we did. The wind was predicated to be Southerly at 10AM and then backing to Northeasterly. The Race Committee postponed the start of the first race until the wind shifted, so we started at 11AM.

Even then, at the start, it looked like the pin end would be favored, so we planned to start a little up the line so as to avoid the cluster at the pin. I thought I found a space close to the line just behind Joker. I didn’t see Infinity coming when they lee-bowed us. So, we got stuck above both Joker and Infinity and we got scrubbed off at the boat. We had to come around to avoid those two, so we started too late at the wrong end of the line.

The rest of the race was just a light air W/L race. We did what we could, but there was no way we were ever going to overcome the bad start. If it helps any, Joker finished out the money too because, even though they were at the line, they were still at the wrong end of the line.

Then came  the rain (and some lightning) and the second race was abandoned.

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