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Home Instead Senior Care Spring Series #1

Posted by AJ Miceli on June 5, 2014

Results:  4th

Wind: Clocking SW to NW, 2-8 knots

Course:  Triangle

Crew:  Andy, Mark, Andrea, Hunter, Rosemary

The night did not look very promising when we arrived at the boat:  light rain and very little breeze.  About a half-hour before the start the rain let up, and a little breeze kicked up.  By the start we had about 3-4 knots of breeze from the SW.  We had a couple right of way issues prior to the start.  We were at the line at the start, but going pretty slowly.

The first leg was a downwind leg in very light breeze, and about three or four minutes after the start the wind went slack.  We floated for a little while and then noticed the wind clocking to the north.  We tacked over to port and ended up beating in about 6-8 knots of breeze.  We figured it out pretty early and we were able to point well, so we were able to round with our fleet leaders.

The next leg was a reach in about 6 knots.  We held our own despite getting rolled by K-9 and TAZ.   K-9 stayed on our left hip and probably stopped us from going a little faster – but Empress (J-70) was on our starboard side and was never able to pass us from below.  After rounding we finished on a fast close reach.  We tried to stay as high and fast as possible to minimize getting rolled by bigger boats, and we were able to hold off a few of them.

We finished 4th out of 10 in our fleet.  That’s just fine with us, we are positioned well for the series and we didn’t lose any seconds off our rating.  And, we corrected over all of the B-Fleet boats except one, and we were only 6 seconds per mile slower than the leaders in our fleet.

So, not a bad night overall!



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