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Venture Fasteners #2 and #3 and Series Results

Posted by AJ Miceli on June 1, 2014

All in all it was a beautiful day for sailing, but the winds were challenging for everyone today.  There were many more B Fleet boats than A Fleet boats.


1st Race today results:  8th in fleet, 11th overall
Crew:  Judy, Kim, Rosemary, Mark, Andy
Course:  Windward/Leeward 2x
Wind:  SSW 0-18 (The results say 18, but that was the peak wind, and it was only at the start)


The B-Fleet was supposed to start first today, but so many people were over early that there was general recall, and then we started after the A Fleet.  There was decent breeze at the start, but then the wind went down as the race went on, and became variable in both velocity and direction.  Sometimes the breeze was swinging 45 degrees on the same tack.


We had a good start in the fleet and then flipped to port to get out of traffic.  We stayed on the right side of the course on the first upwind leg and did well, rounding close to the fleet.  The first downwind leg went well, sailing most of the leg with the masthead chute wing-n-wing.  We sailed well again on the upwind leg, rounding less than a minute behind Hardware Chimps (Vamanos).  Then once again we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  Just as we rounded, the wind literally dropped to Zero and we sat in a hole for about 3-5 minutes.  The Monkey Boat was just outside the hole, still in breeze, so they sailed on, leaving us shrimping.  After we finally left the hole we sailed fast and well to the finish, but it was too late.


Still, if you look at the results we corrected to within 55 seconds of Pagan.  But also look where the Monkey Boat (Vamanos) corrected.  Had we not sailed into that hole we would have corrected well!


2nd Race today results:  6th in fleet, 10th overall
Crew:  Judy, Kim, Rosemary, Mark, Andy
Course:  Windward/Leeward 2x
Wind:  SSW 2-8


The wind picked up where the first race left off – light and variable.


The B Fleet started first.  Everyone sailed from hole to hole on the first upwind leg.  In this race, the challenge happened at the first upwind mark.  Predictably, the A Fleet arrived at the mark at the same time as us.  We got rolled and and backwinded a few boat lengths from the mark.  We ended up sailing slowly away from the mark on port tack, and JUST crossed an A Fleet boat going reasonably fast on starboard.  Phew!  But that wiped out the results of a good first leg.


After we finally rounded, the downwind leg went well.  The next upwind leg continued to challenge everyone but we hung in there.  On the final downwind leg we got the wind first and made up a ton of distance on the fleet.  Yes we finished 6th, but we beat Powderhound (a rare treat) and look at whom we were bunched with.  It’s rare that we’re less than a minute from NEWS, Graffiti and Outlaw.  We’re going to count this as a moral victory.


Series Overall Results:  7th in Fleet, 11th of 15 Overall


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