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Brier Patch Series Continues

Posted by AJ Miceli on May 20, 2014

The Brier Patch JAM #2 was cancelled last Wednesday due to thunderstorms rolling through.

Brier Patch Spinnaker Series #1 and #2 last Sunday (May 18th)

2 Windward/Leeward 2x around races.  Wind:  W @ 8-10 kts

Crew:  Judy, Andy, Mark

Results 4th & 5th

It was a perfect day for sailing.  We had a bad start in the first race and then sailed well.  In the second race we had a very good start and were next to Tigress (J-70) after the first leg, and then (as Tracy as RCR Yachts is fond of saying) we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The crew can tell you the sad story when you see them, but I made a bad decision at the leeward mark and everything went to hell.  The chute went flying in the wrong direction and things turned ugly.

The incident happened right at the committee boat, so I think John Orlando may have documentary evidence that will provide some levity at our expense at the banquet.  However, no one was hurt and the chute didn’t actually shrimp – just a small hole near the tack.  We recovered and sailed on, but we gave away a bunch of time and ended last.

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