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Hertel and Brown #2 (JAM) Recap

Posted by AJ Miceli on July 22, 2010

Finish:  7th

Crew:  Steve, Judy, Kim

This is the recap of last night’s race.  Yes, I’ll be catching up with some recaps that I blew off over the last three or four weeks.  But let me do this one while it’s still fresh.

The course was M-R14 (W/L 1x).  It was a beautiful night for sailing with light winds (8-10kts).  Another downwind start.  We started in the middle of the line in reasonably clear air.  We sailed a broad reach first while Judy set the pole for wing-n-wing.  By the time we turned toward the mark, we were on the high side of the course.  The pole did its job.  We didn’t give up too much on the downwind leg.  In fact, most of the fleet converged on the mark, and only a couple boats (including Lady Jane and Entson) had a real lead over the fleet.  We rounded at the back of the clump, but only one boat length behind Keya.

After rounding, most of the fleet sailed the port tack first.  Since we were at the back (and since we thought the starboard tack was favored anyway) we tacked away and went in to shore.  So did Keya and Dawn Treader.  Eventually they tacked away and we continued in.  When we flipped and sailed the port tack we had picked up a few places.  We crossed Keya, Good Vices and Rakish.  Later we came together with Serendipity.  At one point, Keya failed to cross us on port and did a crash tack.  I was feeling pretty good about the trim and the steering groove, and we were sailing in the 5’s.  Unfortunately, we were a little shy on the starboard layline and had to do two more tacks to get to the line.  When we made our final tack, Keya caught up with us to leeward.  He did everything he could to luff us, sailing way too high above the mark,  eventually we finally extricated ourselves and ducked beneath him.  By then the damage was done.  That little luffing game cost both Keya and us a couple places (we finished 15 seconds behind Serendipity).  Without the luff we would have both beaten Serendipity and Vamanos.  At least we still corrected over Keya by 3 seconds.

In any case, it was a beautiful night for sailing and we sailed very well.  Nice sunset too!

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