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Brier Patch Spinnaker Races 1 & 2 Results and Recap

Posted by AJ Miceli on May 17, 2009

Results:  3rd place (8th in overall) Race 1, 2nd place (4th in overall) Race 2.

A sunny, but cold and breezy spring day on the bay.  Winds NNW 15-20 kts, puffy and shifty.

Race 1 recap:  We had a decent start, not the best, but not our worst.  Then we flipped to port for clear air.   Coyaba took the left side of the course for the first leg, and that turned out to be slightly more favored.  After the upwind rounding we took our time getting the chute set (since it was the first time this season, and since Mike O’Neill was on the foredeck in Judy’s place).   After we set the chute it took a little time to get the boat settled.   The leg was short and our speed was something over 7 knots downwind.  Our mistake came near the leeward mark.  We gybed over to port and found that we weren’t on the layline.   When we gybed back to starboard the chute wrapped on the forestay and we we had to sail well past the mark (towards the rocks — what is it with me and rocks??) before we were able to gybe again.  We did a windward takedown and sailed the short distance to the finish.  We gave up at least 2 minutes or more at the leeward mark, and finished 3rd (out of 3 in the B fleet) behind Coyaba and Outlaw.  Coyaba also corrected over all but one of the A Fleet boats to finish 2nd overall.

Race 2 recap:  We were hoping that we would do a little better in the 2nd race, after considering that our first race was kind of a re-training exercise.  In race we had a good start and immediately flipped to port.   This worked a little better the 2nd time.  We rounded the weather mark fairly close to Outlaw.   After rounding we did a bear-away set and got the chute deployed.  The course was skewed enough (and we learned from our first race on this leg) that we just sailed on starboard until a few boatlengths to the leeward mark, then we flipped to port and did a windward takedown.  That worked much better than in race one.   We stayed competitive with Outlaw on the upwind leg, then rounded and repeated the same strategy as the first downwind leg.  The leg was very puffy and we drove down in the puffs.  That took us closer to the mark for the rounding.  Once again we flipped at the mark, did a windward taken and sailed for the finish.  We finished 2:24 behind Outlaw (a Laser 28, rating 135) and corrected over him by about a minute.  Very nice.  This time we also corrected over some A Fleet boats, beating Taz II (Beneteau 36.7) and Raven (Schock 35).  That put us fourth in the overalls.

Thanks to a great crew:  Mike O’Neill (foredeck), Steve Yount (main trimmer), Ken McCurdy (jib and Spin Trimmer) and Andy Maille (jib trimmer and utility player).

Some data:  Max wind 23.5 knots.  Max speed 8.2 downwind.

BTW — Judy Tucci couldn’t make it today.  Her foot is still hurting.  We hope that she gets better.  We really missed her on the foredeck.

See you on Wednesday for a JAM race.

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