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Shakedown Cruise

Posted by AJ Miceli on May 11, 2009

Well finally!  Five of us went on a little shakedown cruise tonight — the first sail of the season.  About 6PM tonight Andy came down and cranked me up the mast so that I could reinstall both wind instruments.  Then Ben, Dave and Steve arrived and we went out for a shakedown and a little upwind practice.  The winds were light.  By 7PM they were down to 5-6 knots from the NW.   Then they proceeded to die.

We droppped the sails a little before 8PM.  The air temp was 50, so it was a little chilly going upwind, but hey, we were sailing!  We worked on sail trim and did a little speed testing sailing next to Raven (the only other boat that was out tonight).

Then we went back to the dock for Triscuits, Turkey Pepperoni and so good Cheddar.   No beer tonight.

So, finally it’s real.  The first race is two days away.  Can’t wait.

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