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25 Days Til We Sail Again

Posted by AJ Miceli on April 9, 2009

According to my countdown we have only 25 days until we put the boat in the water (May 4th).

Red Herring from under the winter cover (looking toward the stern).

Red Herring from under the winter cover (looking toward the stern).

It’s time to start thinking seriously about getting the boat ready.  I’ll be posting the To Do List soon.  In the meantime, I took the ladder down to the boat today and went in through the back zipper in the cover and took a look around.  Here’s a picture from under the cover.  I think I’ll be taking the cover off on Friday or Saturday.  It is time after all.

I also picked up the repaired spinnaker from Dave Bierig today.  Since I was down there, I put it right into the boat so I won’t have to drag it back again.

In other news:   Red Herring won the Trost Cup this year.  For those of you who are new, most of the racers have very little wooden sailboats that we race once a month on a vibrating “lake” (like the old football games we used to have) at The Oasis (a local watering hole).  Apparently I did something very right with my boat’s bottom because no one could touch me all year.  The six-month season is over now and we won first place.   I also won first place a few years ago with WebSailor.  Now, if we could just sail the real boat that well!

I’ll post a picture here when Steve sends it to me from his iPhone.

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